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Company News About Hesperidin as a Vitamin

Hesperidin as a Vitamin

Hesperidin as a Vitamin

Hesperidin is a citrus bioflavonoid that contains flavonoid glycosides, which are composed of flavonoids and rutin. Lemons and peppers contain high amounts of hesperidin and are mainly concentrated in the peel and film. Sweet oranges are one of the richest food sources, and their pulp is richer in flavonoids.

The role of hesperidin

Hesperidin and flavonoid glycosides are mainly used in Europe to treat venous insufficiency and hemorrhoids. Hesperidin and rutin help reduce capillary permeability and are anti-inflammatory. They are both classified as vitamin P.

Animal tests have found that hesperidin may be beneficial in the treatment of vascular disease, cancer and some autoimmune diseases, and can be used as an anti-allergy drug in people. It is an important nutrient that works with vitamin C to keep collagen healthy and avoid sagging skin and wrinkles caused by collagen breakdown. Hesperidin is most effective only when it works synergistically with vitamin C, otherwise its efficacy is minimal.

Hesperidin is a vitamin drug that can supplement vitamins and other trace elements. After using it, the body will feel very relaxed, and the psychological pressure and the impact of physical diseases will be alleviated. The taste of hesperidin is not particularly bitter, so it will not cause nausea and vomiting and other adverse phenomena, or use after meals can promote intestinal digestion and absorption. If you encounter malnutrition and your body's immune system is too low, you can adapt to it, but if it is the first time to use it, you should follow the doctor's advice.

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